MEISSEN Pair of porcelain rollers perched... - Lot 50 - Pescheteau-Badin

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MEISSEN Pair of porcelain rollers perched... - Lot 50 - Pescheteau-Badin
MEISSEN Pair of porcelain rollers perched on tree trunks and catching caterpillars, polychrome decoration. Models of Johann Joachim Kaendler. 18th century, around 1740. They stand on gilt bronze and chased bases from the middle of the 18th century. Total height 38 cm. Accidents to a wing, a branch, cracks, chips and missing parts. The models of rolliers are mentioned for the first time in the registers of Kaendler's works in August 1735: "Eine Mandel". August 1735: "Eine Mandel Krähe angefangen Welche ins Königl. Balläis gehörig an Welcher aber noch etwas zu fertigen übrigVerbieben" (A started roller that is destined for the Royal Palace but still remains and again in September 1735: "Die Mandel Krähe follgends gemacht Wie sie auf einem Vielen laub bewachsenen Stock sitzet darauf Verschiedene Käfer et Raupen befindlich davon sie welche frißet" (The following roller tree rests on a stump covered with foliage on which various beetles and caterpillars on which it feeds). The model was made in two sizes, measuring approximately 37.5 cm and 33 cm in height. Six were delivered for the Japanese Palace before March 1736 and three are mentioned in the royal collections in the inventory in the inventory made in 1770. The model and deliveries of the finished figures are studied by Samuel Wittwer, The Gallery of Meissen Animals, Augustus the Strong's Menagerie for the Japanese Palace in Dresden, Munich, 2016 pp. 351-52.
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