RAYNOUARD (François-Just-Marie). Choix des... - Lot 22 - Pescheteau-Badin

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RAYNOUARD (François-Just-Marie). Choix des... - Lot 22 - Pescheteau-Badin
RAYNOUARD (François-Just-Marie). Choix des poésies originales des troubadours. À Paris, de l'imprimerie de Firmin Didot, 1816-1821. 6 volumes in-8, red morocco, spine ribbed, boards filleted with gilt fleurons on dotted background, frieze of horns of plenty, flowers and palmettes between double gilt fillets with corner fleurons, ornate coupes, gilt Greek frieze inside, gilt edges; some foxing (binding by Motet). I: xxxii-447-(one blank) pp. - II: (4 of which the 2nd and 4th blank)-clxiv-319 pp. - III: (4 of which the 2nd and 4th are blank)-475-(one blank) pp. - IV: (4 of which the 2nd and 4th are blank)-476 pp. - V: (4 of which the 2nd and 4th are blank)-viii-476 pp. - VI: (4 including the 2nd and 4th blank)-lxviii-412 pp. FIRST EDITION. 4 folding plates out of text. THE FOUNDING WORK OF ROMAN PHILOLOGY. While Jean-Baptiste de La Curne de Sainte-Palaye was a significant precursor of this science, François-Just-Marie Raynouard was its true initiator. The present anthology brings together almost exclusively verse pieces in a thematic classification (erotic, historical, etc.), with a few prose texts including the famous Strasbourg oath (842). It is accompanied by important speeches by the philologist on the origins and grammar of the Oc and Oïl languages, on troubadours and trouvères, with biographical notes on various authors, and a comparative study of Romance languages. SUPERB BINDING SIGNED BY MOTET, successor to François Bozérian dit le jeune.
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