POSTCARDS. - Set of about 4000 cards. Circa... - Lot 49 - Pescheteau-Badin

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POSTCARDS. - Set of about 4000 cards. Circa... - Lot 49 - Pescheteau-Badin
POSTCARDS. - Set of about 4000 cards. Circa 1900 to the present day. All in good condition, in 7 binders. EXCEPTIONAL ICONOGRAPHIC COLLECTION, MOSTLY FROM FRANCE, BUT ALSO FROM EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA. These postcards, many of which belong to series, are illustrated with photographic portraits of dignitaries, initiations, objects, views of Temples, views of hospitals financed by Freemasonry, scenes taken at public Masonic events. Major historical events linked to the history of Freemasonry, such as the Dreyfus Affair, the break-up of the Concordat, the separation of Church and State, the "fiches affair", the anti-Masonic exhibition held under the Vichy regime, and more general themes such as anti-clericalism or the idea of a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, are also included... Some of these cards bear handwritten notes identifying the personalities represented, which are not the subject of printed captions. With a few rare system cards, such as the one illustrating Syveton's slap in the face on November 4, 1904. The collection includes several duplicate cards, as well as a number of documents of various kinds, such as lodge membership cards, invitations, philatelic items, etc.
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