[ORLY (André-Philibert Fradet d')]. Discours... - Lot 100 - Pescheteau-Badin

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[ORLY (André-Philibert Fradet d')]. Discours... - Lot 100 - Pescheteau-Badin
[ORLY (André-Philibert Fradet d')]. Discours prononcé par le F∴ orateur le 5 août 1782 stile vulgaire dans la loge de la Parfaite Union à l'O∴ de Bastia, sur le projet envoyé par la R∴ L∴ de la Candeur à l'O∴ de Paris, à l'effet de proposer au roi la construction d'un vaisseau du premier rang qui seroit le produit d'un don gratuit fait par tous les maçons de France. S.l.n.n., V.M.DCC.LXXXII. [1782, vulgar era]. Small booklet in-8, bradel of brown half cloth with long black title page, small angular paper losses (late 19th century binding). 8 pp; small angular tears. LA FRANC-MAÇONNERIE DANS LA GUERRE D'INDEPENDANCE DES ÉTATS-UNIS: pour l'Ordre, pour la France, pour les idéaux libéraux des insurgés américains. PROPOSAL TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FRENCH WAR EFFORT IN FAVOR OF THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE UNITED STATES, in order to achieve a triple goal: to obtain official recognition of Freemasonry by the royal power, to defend the interests of the Fatherland, and to support the young United States which, founded in large part on liberal ideals close to those of Freemasonry, counted a very strong representation of Brethren among the protagonists of Independence - including Benjamin Franklin. After the naval battle of Les Saintes, lost by Admiral de Grasse on April 12, 1782, the Parisian La Candeur Lodge, through its venerable Marquis Louis-Marthe de Gouy d'Arsy, launched a subscription on June 7, 1782, to provide the King with a 110-gun warship, in the name of Freemasonry. The subscription was addressed to all the Lodges of the Grand Orient de France, whose Grand Master was the Duc de Chartres (later Philippe-Égalité), Lieutenant General of the Kingdom. Fradet d'Orly enthusiastically supports this subscription: LA PARFAITE UNION, A L'ORIENT DE BASTIA, was founded in 1774 and affiliated to the Grand Orient de France. The Orator for many years was André Philibert Fradet d'Orly, a former clerk in the Secretariat of War (1757-1767) who became Commissaire des Guerres (1767) and spent seventeen years in Bastia. PROVENANCE: "Casabianca, July 1st 1890...". (autograph of Prince Roland Bonaparte). - PRINCE ROLAND BONAPARTE'S LIBRARY (small label on front cover, ex-libris vignette on front flyleaf, "Corsica" stamp on one of the flyleaves). Grandson of Lucien Bonaparte - Napoleon I's second brother - Roland Bonaparte (1858-1924) distinguished himself as an anthropologist, naturalist and explorer, and was elected president of the Société de Géographie de Paris and member of the Académie des Sciences. He was the father of Marie Bonaparte, a psychoanalyst, friend of Freud and princess of Greece.
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