[TRAVENOL (Louis)]. Catechisme des Francs-Maçons.... - Lot 121 - Pescheteau-Badin

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[TRAVENOL (Louis)]. Catechisme des Francs-Maçons.... - Lot 121 - Pescheteau-Badin
[TRAVENOL (Louis)]. Catechisme des Francs-Maçons. À Jérusalem, chez l'auteur, rue des Maçons, au Niveau d'or, entre l'Équerre & le Compas, et à Limoges, chez Pierre Mortier, 1440 depuis le Déluge [sic for 1740, but more likely 1744]. Small in-12, red bradel boards with black title page (19th-century binding). (6 of which the second is blank)-61-(5 blank) pp. One of three editions with the same fictitious date but different paginations. A mention of Le Secret des Francs-Maçons by Abbé Pérau, at the beginning and end of the volume, places the present work after 1742, in fact 1744 according to Wolfstieg (no. 29960) who follows Guillemain de Saint-Victor in this respect. Published under the pseudonym Léonard Gabanon by Louis Travenol, a presumed Mason, this Catechism aroused curiosity, but also suspicion or outright criticism, from those, notably among the clergy, who saw it as deviant, but also from some Masons who deplored its disclosure. 2 folding copper-engraved plates outside the text, representing 2 Lodge tables, for the "Apprentice Companion" and for the Master. "VERY RARE" (Fesch, col. 1395).
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